Academic Rules and Regulations

For additional listing of the undergraduate and graduate academic rules and regulations, consult the University Catalog.


Graduate Students

Consult the current edition of the Graduate Catalog for additional information about academic rules and student conduct regulations applicable to graduate students.

Extension and/or Correspondence Enrollment

Students who enroll in extension and/or correspondence courses for the purpose of applying them to a degree program will coordinate such enrollment with the school or college offering the degree they are pursuing.

Part-Time Student

For an undergraduate student, registration for fewer than 12 hours and graduate students registering for fewer than 9 hours during the Fall/Winter semesters will be considered as a part-time student. Undergraduate students may not enroll in a part-time program without the express permission of the dean of the school or college in which the student is, or plans to be, enrolled.

University Graduation Requirements

Visit the following page for requirements: