Revision of Records Committee

The function of the Committee for Revision of Records is to review petitions from students asking for changes to their academic records. Students should discuss the petition process with their advisor before appealing to the committee to verify that changes are warranted and will be beneficial to the student.

Instructions for completing Petition to the Committee on Revision of Records


  • Obtain the necessary forms in your School/College Advising Office. Discuss your case with your advisor before initiating the process.
  • Be as thorough and specific as possible when completing the form(s). You must sign and date the petition(s).
  • Leave the petition(s) with the professor, the professor will forward the petition(s) to the department chairperson and the chairperson will return the petition(s) to your dean’s office. The dean’s office will send your petition(s) to the Office of the University Registrar. Note: Signatures of the instructor, department chairperson, and dean must be obtained before the committee will consider the petition(s).
  • If are requesting to backdate a withdrawal (dropping all courses) from the University you must provide specific dates. A separate form is required for each course.
  • You must supply documentation or evidence in support of your petition(s). For example if you use medical as justification for petitioning the committee, please supply “The Office of the University Registrar-Medical Certification Form”. You can obtain this from the academic units.

General Guidelines:

  • The Committee for Revision of Records cannot change a grade given by an instructor. If you disagree with a grade that has been given, first contact your instructor and then follow the appropriate appeals process. An instructor cannot change a letter grade to “W” unless a withdrawal has been approved.
  • If the committee approves a requested change and additional charges apply, payment will need to be made before any changes are made to the transcript.
  • The Committee reviews all complete petition(s) and their decisions are based upon the information presented. Decisions are communicated in writing to the student.
  • The Committee for Revision of Records cannot grant refund appeals. Please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 130 Jesse Hall or go to the web at to obtain a Refund Appeal Form.
  • Members of the Committee of Revision of Records are MU faculty appointed by the Chancellor. They are to remain anonymous. Students are not allowed to communicate directly with the committee members. Any questions should be forwarded to Victor Price, Associate Registrar, 130 Jesse Hall. His email is

For more information regarding student records, please see “Supplemental Policy on Student Records.”