Notice to Students

The University makes every effort to notify students either individually or collectively of all matters pertaining to registration and pre-registration, payment of fines and fees, and other matters which affect students. In addition, offices of the deans attempt to notify students concerning graduation requirements and other matters pertinent to their progress toward graduation. Students have the responsibility to read all notices, and within a reasonable amount of time will be considered to have knowledge of all the matters contained in the notices. The University cannot assume responsibility for the non-delivery of mail or for the misplacement of written notifications in group housing. It is the policy of the University to retain, for a reasonable period, all letters returned for non-delivery by the United States Postal Service. If summoned by any University official or committee, a student must answer the summons within the time specified in the official notification.

Student Addresses

Students must provide the University with their current local (Columbia) and permanent addresses at the time of registration for each semester and subsequently of any change of address within 48 hours after the change.   Students need to update their local (Columbia) and permanent addresses under Personal Information from their student center via myZou.

In cases where official written notification of the student is required (e.g., disciplinary hearings), the University’s obligation of notification will have been satisfied when the notification is made to the current address listed under the student’s Personal Information in myZou.

The University will also issue official electronic mail addresses (Email) to all incoming students. For any official mailings, the latest postal address or University electronic mail address will be used, thereby fulfilling the University’s obligation of notification.

Ellis Library also requires notification of a change of a student’s mailing address.