Posting Materials on University Property

(Campus policy approved by the Chancellor’s Staff on June 10, 1982).

The purpose of this policy statement is to set forth the guidelines governing the posting of announcements of interest to the University community. It is expected that good taste, judgment and courtesy will be used in the use of University grounds and facilities. Limited space is available for this purpose. With regard to this need, the following guidelines are provided:

  1. All posters, signs or other articles shall be placed on appropriate bulletin boards or areas designated for this purpose. The sponsoring organization must be identified on all posters and materials.
  1. All exterior bulletin boards are considered free bulletin boards for appropriate use. However, priority of space will be given to University sponsored activities. Use of interior bulletin boards should be coordinated with the appropriate department or building coordinator, or items may be removed.
  1. All posters, signs or other articles should be posted in a timely manner, i.e. one week prior to the event or the beginning of ticket sales. Items posted also should be removed by the person or group posting.
  1. Bulletin boards in residence halls are provided only for official notices and announcements. All materials posted should be approved by the residence hall coordinator.
  1. No posters, signs or other articles shall be pasted, nailed, taped, stapled or otherwise attached to any part of the interior or exterior (including windows and doors) of University buildings or light posts, telephone poles, trees, trash receptacles or automobile windshields, except as approved by Business Services. This includes residence halls, except as approved by the Office of Residential Life, and the Missouri Student Unions, except as approved by the Office of the Missouri Student Unions. 
  1. Chalking of sidewalks or buildings is not permitted.
  1. Groups or individuals making use of bulletin boards are responsible for posting articles in accordance with these guidelines.
  1. Violation of these regulations may be considered acts of vandalism and will be subject to appropriate action.