Sale and Distribution of Non-University Publications

Distribution of non-University publications may be permitted on the Columbia campus provided:

  1. The publication is intended primarily for dissemination of news, opinion and information, and not for promoting sale of goods, products or services;
  1. The sale or distribution of non-University publications is limited to those buildings and areas within those buildings in which the University sells commercial publications;
  1. Distribution is confined to areas approved by the building coordinator;
  1. The sale or distribution of any non-University publication must be approved in writing by Administrative Services prior to distribution;
  1. Non-University publications must be distributed by individuals dispensing the publication or by means of attractive receptacles that do not detract from the building or area, or encourage littering;
  1. The publication must carry the name and address of the publisher, and the names of the several editors and officers of the publication;
  1. The publication does not in any manner state or implies that it is connected with or under the auspices of the University.
  1. Distribution of the publication does not constitute a violation of applicable laws;
  1. Unless the publication to be distributed is a member of the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the distributor must mail two copies of each issue of the publication to be distributed on campus, via the U.S. Post Office, to the University General Counsel’s Office, 227 University Hall, Columbia, Missouri 65211, before the distribution begins.

* Non-University publications – any publication not officially published by the University or by a University-recognized student organization.

Distribution – the dispensing or making available through means other than U.S. Mail, whether by sale or otherwise, by persons or agencies other than official University divisions, departments and offices.