Student Health Center

MU Student Health Center, 1020 Hitt Street, 4th floor, Columbia, MO 65212
Phone: 573-882-7481, Fax: 573-882-5370

Medical Services

Board certified physicians and nurse practitioners offer medical care for acute illness and injuries and chronic medical conditions. An appointment scheduling system allows prompt access to the student’s primary care provider throughout his/her years on campus. The Travel Clinic provides health advisories and immunizations to students traveling abroad for pleasure or through the Study Abroad Program. Students with the need for ongoing allergy injections are able to receive them through Medical Services. The Student Health Center is able to store students’ antigen during the semester.

Behavioral Health Services

The Behavioral Health staff consists of psychiatrists and a nurse practitioner who can monitor medications/ psychologists and social workers who can provide counseling and case management, and an RN who can assist you with medication refills and other immediate concerns. They are available to help with a wide range of concerns common to college students including anxiety, eating concerns, homesickness, alcohol/drug issues, relationship concerns, academic stress, suicidal thoughts, sexual and LGBTQ concerns.

Community Health

Prevention activities include implementation of the MMR and meningitis immunization policies, and TB Prevention Program. Other recommended vaccinations such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, influenza (flu) and HPV are also available.

Health Promotion and Wellness

The health promotion department is staffed by certified health education specialists who provide individual appointments and group classes, education and training for stress, tobacco, alcohol and drug harm reduction, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, fitness, and sleep. Mindfulness-based classes such as yoga, iRest, meditation and biofeedback are offered for stress reduction and healthy living.

Class Excuses

Class attendance is an administrative matter between the student and the faculty member. If a student misses class while in the Health Center, proof of the encounter should be obtained during the appointment.

Health Fee

The Student Health Center is funded by a health fee. The fee covers an unlimited number of visits to the primary care physicians and nurse practitioners, to the health educators, and a limited number of visits to behavioral health providers. The health fee is not an insurance plan. It does not cover any procedures offered within the Student Health Center or any services performed outside the Student Health Center. All diagnostic tests such as lab testing and X-Ray services are sent to University of Missouri Healthcare unless it is determined that insurance coverage is better when the service is performed at another facility.

Spouses of enrolled students may purchase a health fee allowing the same benefits students receive with the exception of behavioral health services. Behavioral health services for spouses are limited to one visit for the purpose of assessment and referral to community behavioral health services.

To obtain health services for students’ spouses, the spouse must also pay a student health fee. A form allowing services not covered by the health fee to be charged to the student’s account must be completed and signed by the student each semester. To obtain the form and for additional information visit:

Health Insurance

Students should have a medical insurance plan to cover charges not covered by the health fee and the expenses of referrals, emergencies, and hospitalization. A student Accident and Sickness Insurance plan is available for purchase through the Cashier’s Office in Jesse Hall. Students may file insurance claims on charges not covered by the health fee. To receive assistance from the Health Center in filing claims the student must have a copy of a current insurance card.

After Hours

  • If the situation is life threatening, students should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
  • Call Student Health Center’s appointment line to talk with a registered nurse when the Student Health Center is closed. The after-hours nurse can recommend the appropriate level of service needed and give health advice.
  • University of Missouri Health Care’s Urgent Care, previously located at University Physicians Medical Building, is now located at the building at South Providence Medical Park.

Note: These services are not covered by the student health fee.