Traffic and Parking Regulations

These rules are subject to change. For the most current information regarding penalties for violations of these rules, and for other information concerning these rules, please contact Parking and Transportation Services, Level 2, Turner Ave. Garage, 882-4568.

 Statement of Policy

A substantial growth in both the student body and retired faculty, coupled with the increasing trend of students living off campus, has greatly increased the number of automobiles in Columbia and has caused serious traffic problems on the campus and the streets of Columbia, with consequent hazards for pedestrian safety.

It is the policy of the University to provide parking space upon the grounds of the University for its regular employees and, within the limitations of available space, for students.

It is in the best interest of University employees and students that rules and regulations be adopted governing the keeping and use of automobiles by University employees and students, providing parking areas, and providing a method of enforcing these rules and regulations.

The University of Missouri assumes no responsibility for articles left in vehicles, or for loss of any vehicle, or any part thereof, or for damage which may be caused to any vehicle or part thereof, by any causes, including but not limited to weather, acts of God, fire, willful or negligent acts by trespassers, or by other patrons of MU.


These regulations shall be applicable to all students, faculty and employees of the University, and all other persons while on University property and shall be deemed a part of the terms and conditions of the admission and enrollment of students and of the employment of faculty, staff or other persons responsible to any administrative agency of the University. These regulations also shall be applicable to all visitors or other persons and shall be deemed a part of the terms and conditions of the permission to enter the grounds of the University of Missouri, and to drive or operate vehicles on the property of the University of Missouri. The operation and/or use of motor vehicles and bicycles on the property of the University campus by any person shall constitute consent.

For purposes of these regulations, a student shall be any person who has applied for and has been accepted for enrollment for academic credit or as a “hearer” in any undergraduate or graduate course or courses on the MU campus, two full consecutive calendar weeks, offered by the University or any division of the University; and any other person who is required by such enrollment to be present on the MU campus for instructional purposes. This shall include any person holding a “fellowship” unless such fellowship is a condition for University employment that is not less than a 1/4 time equivalent work load and stipend for a full time instructorship. A full time employee who also is enrolled in six hours or less of course work, either for credit or as a “hearer,” shall not be considered a student.

Numbers appearing below refer to Traffic and Parking Regulations adopted by the University of Missouri. Further information is available at Parking and Transportation Services, Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2.

Student Parking

  1. All student vehicle parking spaces on the MU campus are restricted to assigned holders of student parking permits and are under exclusive control of the Campus Parking and Transportation Committee and administered by Parking and Transportation Services.
  2. As a condition of issuance, retention, and continued use of student parking permit, all applicants for permits, shall at all times meet the regulations of the Committee and the laws of the State of Missouri which pertain to the operation of motor vehicles.
  3. All student parking permits are authorized by the Committee and are purchased and issued through the Parking and Transportation Services upon receipt of an established fee as published prior to student registration.
  4. Student Apartment Parking Facilities: The Committee has authorized Parking and Transportation Services to provide the Residential Life Office with parking permits for restricted parking spaces that are a part of and assigned to apartments under the operation and control of the Department of Residential Life and the MU Police Department.
  5. The Committee may designate selected parking spaces for student use on a non-fee, condition use basis. (Restricted use of non-fee, condition use basis may be restricted to certain hours or days of the week.) All students vehicles using these designated spaces must exhibit a valid student parking permit.
  6. All vehicles using disabled parking spaces must display a state-issued disabled parking permit. All student vehicles using these spaces must exhibit a state issued disabled permit along with a valid student parking permit.

Visitor Parking

  1. MU shall furnish visitor parking, including vendors and service technicians, provided that priority be given to staff and students.
  2. Limited visitor parking space may be provided in the prime location areas of the MU campus.
  3. Any visitor receiving traffic and parking citation for a violation of these regulations should appear in person at or communicate with Parking and Transportation Services.
  4. Service technicians who need their vehicle close to do their work should apply to Parking and Transportation Services for a special permit.

Loading Zones

  1. Loading zones are reserved exclusively for the loading or unloading of materials or equipment.
  2. All loading zones on the MU campus shall at all times (24 hours a day) have a maximum use limit of 20 minutes. When it is necessary that a vehicle occupy a loading zone for a period longer than 20 minutes, authorization shall be secured from Parking and Transportation Services or the MU Police Department prior to the use of the loading zone.

Driveways and/or Fire Lanes

  1. The use of driveways, fire lanes, and motor traffic entrances and exits is restricted to moving traffic.
  2. These areas and all areas in MU parking lots/structures that are not clearly designated as parking spaces shall not be used for parking and/or temporary placement of motor vehicles.

Conditional, Special and Temporary Parking Permits

The Committee may authorize, with the approval of the Chancellor, the issuance of conditional, special and temporary parking permits that shall have reasonable, but specific conditions and use limits. The fees shall be fixed by the Committee with the approval of the Chancellor.

Missouri Laws, Speed Limits and Traffic Control Devices

All persons, including pedestrians, drivers of motor vehicles and bicycle riders shall obey all Missouri laws, speed limits and traffic control devices. A maximum of 20 mph shall be the legal limit on MU property unless otherwise posted.

 Report of Accident

All persons are required by Missouri law and Columbia city ordinance to make reports of accidents involving motor vehicles. Those accidents which occur within the MU campus area shall be reported to the University Police Department.

Bicycle Regulations

All persons owning or operating a bicycle on the MU campus are required to register the vehicle with the University of Missouri Police Department. Bicycles or mopeds shall be parked in or immediately adjacent to the bicycle racks provided. Lowry Mall and the Arts & Science Mall have been designated as dismount zones. Abandoned bicycles or mopeds will be removed by cutting and removing locking devices if necessary.