Administration and Enforcement

The Director of the MU Police Department and the Director of Parking and Transportation Services are authorized, and it shall be their job, to establish programs to administer and enforce these regulations, with the assistance of the Committee, but under the control and supervision of the Chancellor.

Issuance of Citation for Violation of these Regulations

A citation for a violation of these regulations may be issued by any officer of the MU Police Department, Parking and Transportation Services, or MU Hospital Security on forms prescribed by the MU Police Department. A copy of the citation shall be delivered to each person at the time of issuance or, if the violation involves a vehicle without an operator or person in charge thereof, a copy of the citation shall be conspicuously affixed to the vehicle. Each citation issued shall state the substance of the violation and the penalty for such violation. Each citation shall direct the person responsible for the vehicle for which the citation is issued as stated in Section XIII.

Immobilization, Removal or Impoundment of Unattended Vehicles

  1. The MU Police Department or Parking and Transportation Services is authorized to immobilize, or remove, and impound unattended vehicles on/from MU parking lots/structures or from other real property of MU at the owner’s expense under the following circumstances and subject to the following conditions:
  2. Any vehicle that is in violation of these regulations.
  3. Any vehicle that is left unattended and its presence at the place, in the judgment of an officer of the MU Police Department constitutes or is likely to constitute a safety hazard to persons or property, or because of an emergency, or because the vehicle is obstructing traffic; a vehicle identified by the MU Police or Parking and Transportation Services as one which has been involved in three or more unpaid violations of these regulations for which traffic or parking citations were issued during that academic year.
  4. Removed, impounded or immobilized vehicles shall be released to the owner or authorized representative upon request, provided that:
  5. Payment of the costs for the removal and impoundment of the vehicle is made, and,
  6. Payment of the penalty imposed for any violation involved (including unpaid penalties for previous violations), or an appeal of the citation is made.