Violations and Penalties


It is a violation of these regulations to do any act prohibited by these regulations or to fail to do any act required by these regulations.

Persons Responsible for Violations

Each person is responsible for all violations (moving or non-moving) of these regulations committed by that person. All persons (first parties) owning or having in their custody a motor vehicle shall be responsible for all non-moving violations of these regulations committed by other persons (second parties) operating vehicles owned by the first party, or in their custody with their express or implied permission to operate that vehicle, unless the person (second parties) actually operating the vehicle acknowledges and accepts the responsibility for the violation.

 False Parking Permits

Counterfeiting, altering, defacing, or transferring a parking permit to another person for which a parking permit was not issued, or giving any false information in the application or at any hearing.

Failure to Display a Parking Permit as Required

Failure of any person to display a parking permit as directed by the Parking and Transportation Services after such parking permit has been issued and continuously display such parking permits.

 Non-Moving Vehicle Violations and Penalties

The penalties are hereby established for violations involving non-moving motor vehicles or bicycles owned or operated by or in possession of students, staff, or visitors.

Moving Vehicle Violations Penalties

The penalties are established for violations involving moving vehicles and the drivers of such vehicles.

Additional Imposition of Penalties

In addition to the imposition of penalties and charges hereby established, the Committee may refer any violator of these regulations to the appropriate MU committee for additional action and may suggest additional penalties.

Effective October 1, 1996 – in order to reduce excessive violators and the need for towing, the University will add an excessive violator fee to violators who have received more than five tickets, after the fifth violation, an excessive violator fee of $15 will be added per violation. With the eleventh violation, the excessive violator fee increases to $50 per violation.